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Clients turn to Geosyntec for advanced and reliable solutions. We can help with permitting, hydrogeology and mine water, environment, and mine closure.

For decades, Geosyntec has provided technical services and practical solutions to the mining industry in Spain, Portugal and internationally. We are familiar with the unique challenges faced by the extractive industry and understand the critical decisions associated with addressing environmental and engineering issues throughout the life of a mine.

Our Mining Services Team includes, geotechnical, water resource, and mining engineers and scientists, including geologists, geochemists, permitting specialists, biologists, mine closure specialists and hydro- and geohydrologists. Mining clients turn to us to solve complex environmental and engineering challenges that ultimately reduce life-cycle cost, improve environmental performance, reduce long-term environmental liability, simplify mine closure, and maximise post-mine land use and conversion. In addition, we are involved in mine development and project evaluation since we understand the complex market drivers associated with the mining industry, including market value, government regulations, the need for innovative technology advances, and the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Governance.

Mining clients often reach out to us for our expertise in these key practice areas:

We recognise that one of the greatest challenges facing a mining operation is the development and management of water resources. To this end, our services in this area focus on the most efficient production, control, and management of water to maximise the efficient use and reuse of every drop of water that is involved with a mine site operation and to minimise the long-term environmental liabilities that could result from the mismanagement of water resources.

Geosyntec is known for its innovative work in stormwater and surface water quality management; hydromodification management; erosion and sediment control through best management practices; groundwater resource management and cleanup; and process water treatment, reuse, and recycling.

Our skills and capabilities in this area include the following:

  • Water resource evaluation
  • Water resource development and infrastructure
  • Mine dewatering
  • Digital modelling of groundwater
  • Digital modelling of groundwater/surface water interaction
  • Optimization of water supplies
  • Benefit analysis of conjunctive use
  • Water treatment and reuse
  • Water rights, substitute water supply plans, and augmentation plans

Geosyntec helps mine owners to implement solutions that are protective of the environment and that also consider costs and benefits associated with decommissioning, closure, and final land use alternatives. Our experience extends to multiple mining waste deposits, including spoil piles, waste rock dumps, heap leach pads, and tailings storage facilities. We also work with clients to develop Best Available Technologies (BAT) for their non-stormwater ponds, process solution ponds, heap leach pads, and tailings impoundments which will satisfy regulators while keeping development costs under control.

With more than 30 years of experience developing innovative closure solutions for industrial facilities across the country and internationally, we provide tailored closure solutions rooted in industry best practices and in compliance with legislative standards. We strive to optimise capital outlays and operating costs, developing designs that adapt to and take advantage of local climate and geology while supporting the future land use and economy of the region.

We recognise the constantly changing environment in which our mining clients operate, from changes in regulatory requirements to the social and political issues affecting mine operations and exploration. We have a record of obtaining permits in unique and challenging situations in many countries, relying on our longstanding relationships with permitting agencies, familiarity with their requirements, and record of meeting their expectations with relevant and appropriate documentation.

Geosyntec approaches each site individually, tailoring investigations and design approaches to the clients’ end use plans. We work with clients and stakeholders to realise the full value of their site with the knowledge that working as a team creates the best solutions.