Complex Construction Management

Geosyntec practitioners provide public and private clients comprehensive construction management services at complex project sites around the world. This has been a core service area for our teams of engineers, geologists, and technicians for more than 25 years.

We maintain a trusted position of industry leadership within construction services by developing many of the methods, standards, and procedures in use today at solid waste management facilities, manufacturing plants, energy production plants, and major transportation infrastructure sites under construction or scheduled for demolition across Europe and in Malaysia.

Each of our senior level construction managers has a minimum of 15 years technical and practical experience in large-scale waste containment, environmental remediation, or geotechnical construction projects.

Geosyntec provides design and construction related services utilizing proven technologies that are often considered innovative and best-in-class in their application. Whether it is decommissioning and remediation of a former power generation site, remediation and closure of a municipal solid waste facility, stabilization of an oil-water separator sludge lagoon, or capping of a waste containment unit, Geosyntec possesses the in-house scientific, engineering, and construction management expertise to design, permit, and implement a cost-effective, practical solution for clients.

Geosyntec's construction services include construction management, construction oversight, resident engineering, and construction quality assurance (CQA). Other services we provide include:

  • Bid document and contract document preparation
  • Bid review and contractor selection assistance
  • Construction materials submittal review and approval
  • Work plan submittal review and approval
  • Coordination of requests for information
  • Coordination of design changes
  • Change Order review, negotiation, and preliminary approval
  • Procurement of client-purchased materials
  • Schedule management, tracking, and project controls
  • Resident field oversight