Jorge Murillo, Senior Professional, M.Sc., MAIG

Jorge Murillo is a Senior Professional Geotechnical and Tailings Consultant based in Spain with more than 18 years of experience supporting geotechnical studies. He has specialized in calculations for the stability of dams (especially mining dams referred to as TMF), excavations, foundations, slide correction, execution criteria and recommendation for earthworks and in the elaboration of geotechnical reports primarily in the mining, manufacturing and civil works sector. In the last years, he has mainly been involved in several whole lifecycle projects of tailings dams from different locations, serving as EoR for different TMF.

In addition to work in Spain, he has also participated in projects in the North of Chile, Republic of Guinea, Portugal, Sweden and Finland.

Jorge started working in high technical projects teams for civil, nuclear and manufacturing projects, and after that, he started to developed his project manager skills together with technical working in mining projects, especially in TMF projects for different clients in Spain. He started working in geotechnical studies for the behaviour of the foundation and the stability of a dam structure and after that, he begun to be involved in other parts of the TMF projects, as detail design engineer, tailings characterization, safety reviews, EoR, etc. Jorge also developed and participated in other geotechnical projects for other sectors, mainly focused in earthworks recommendations and planning.

His professional experience includes work for international mining and manufacturing companies like ALCOA, Lundin, Boliden, Orvana, Sandfire or LIDL.


Geotechnical Studies; Stability Analysis; Tailings Management Facilities; Soft and Complex Soils Foundations; Earthworks Recommendations and Planning

Practice Areas

Mining, Tailings Dams and Geotechnical


Geotechnical Engineering; Tailings Engineering; Geological Engineering


M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering, Madrid Complutense University, 2006


Member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (MAIG), Charter member of the Madrid Geologist Engineer Association (AIGCM)