Environmental Management Systems

Geosyntec provides a full suite of environmental management services for legal, industrial, commercial and government clients.  Our technical specialists build compliance solutions, generate defensible valuations of impaired properties, distinguish between potential and actual environmental risks, and reduce energy and water-resource utilization.

Our focus extends from individual facilities to global company footprints, with a diverse client list ranging from cement manufacturers and coal-fired power plants, though the telecommunications and petroleum industries.  We work comfortably with site operators and managers, while also being fluent in the language, goals and needs of corporate executives.

Our EMS and Compliance practice relies on experts with detailed knowledge of businesses permitting close evaluation and the generation of specific, actionable reviews and recommendations. Our EMS and compliance service offerings encompass:

    • Multi-media compliance assessment, auditing, and management systems;
    • Air permitting, compliance, monitoring, and pollution controls;
    • Water footprinting and use-minimization strategies;
    • Waste compliance management program implementation; and
    • Process safety management (PSM), environmental health-and-safety (EH&S) and treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSDF) audits.

Geosyntec practitioners are adept at efficiently addressing environmental conditions that can impact the compliance status of sites and operations. For example, we work with a major engine manufacturer and its North American maintenance support network to help ensure ongoing environmental compliance. We developed a knowledge base that anticipates potential problem areas, thereby allowing inspection and audit activities to concentrate on those areas with high potential benefit to the client. Similarly, we work with one of the country's largest telecommunication service providers by delivering comprehensive compliance, due diligence, permitting, wetlands, wildlife, geotechnical, and remediation services. Our involvement supported a multi-state infrastructure development project involving over 1,000 new properties. Working closely with the firm's real estate, engineering, and management team, Geosyntec developed and managed a program that has allowed hundreds of sites to be quickly evaluated and brought into service.

Geosyntec was among the first to incorporate sustainability practices such as green building design, measuring and aggregating emissions credits, and product stewardship into comprehensive environmental management services. For example, Geosyntec is working with a municipal government to offset a portion of their compliance costs through the Carbon Emissions Exchange trading program. We are also working with biofuels processors on environmental management issues as this industry gains traction in the United States.

Litigation Support

Geosyntec provides the specialized expertise necessary for lawyers to counsel their clients and advocate for client interests on a wide range of matters related to business transactions, environmental management, compliance and enforcement, toxic tort, and general litigation matters.

We offer comprehensive qualifications and capabilities to address the most challenging problems in our principal areas of practice. Our practitioners are adept at quickly grasping the scope and nuances of key issues and in developing sound, defensible technical insight for clients.  Our senior staff have served as testifying experts and are adept at following legal work-product and communication protocols.

Many of our consultants have participated in key research developments and have pioneered technical approaches that form the underpinning for their practices. Some are extensively involved in developing current regulations and technical guidance. We continue to advance the state of the practice in areas such as geotechnical engineering, vapor intrusion, sustainability, innovative waste management approaches, and remediation of emerging contaminants.

For bankruptcy, cost recovery and cost allocation, eminent domain, and other litigation related to environmental damages and the actual or potential cost to remediate those damages, Geosyntec provides experts in industrial operations, specific contaminants, and contaminated land remediation technologies to provide technical assistance, expert opinions, and testimony.  We provide defense and cost allocation support to counsel for potentially responsible parties at environmental remediation sites, including Mega-sites involving the cleanup of contaminated sediment and regional groundwater.

Construction Management and Quality Assurance

Geosyntec was the first company to offer construction quality assurance (CQA) services for environmental projects in the United States and has translated this experience to projects in the EU.  Our construction services include construction management, construction oversight, resident engineering, and CQA.  We have provided construction management or construction oversight on more than 750 projects.  We have maintained our position of industry leadership by developing many of the methods, standards, and procedures in use today.  Each of our senior level construction managers has at least 15 years of technical and practical experience in large-scale containment, environmental remediation, and/or geotechnical construction projects.  Our construction resources have served as design managers, construction oversight managers, and program managers on large, complex sediment projects.

Geosyntec has a track record of saving our clients time and money during construction.  On a recent project when steel prices rose unexpectedly, we saved our client hundreds of thousands of dollars during construction by quickly re-engineering the design from a steel sheetpile cutoff wall to a geomembrane cutoff.  On another project, inconsistencies in the construction documents prepared by others had resulted in several potential change orders; Geosyntec negotiated on behalf of our client to reduce the potential costs of the change order claims by over 33%.

Geosyntec's construction services include the following:

  • Bid document and contract document preparation
  • Bid review and contractor selection assistance
  • Construction materials submittal review and approval
  • Work plan submittal review and approval
  • Coordination of requests for information
  • Coordination of design changes
  • Change Order review, negotiation, and preliminary approval
  • Procurement of client-purchased materials
  • Schedule management, tracking, and project controls
  • Resident field oversight