Ángel Botello

Ángel Botello is a Mining Engineer who graduated from the Madrid School of Mines (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) where he started several projects promoting mining engineering at the university and in society.

During his studies in the Geological and Mining Engineering Department, he also participated in research projects on soil contamination, applying statistical techniques to better understand origin and behaviour. Both his bachelor’s thesis and his master’s thesis addressed stability and numerical simulation in the field of rock mechanics. In this work, he used specialized simulation software and collaborated with the Rock Mechanics team in Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria.

Ángel has practical experience in underground mining operations in the field of exploration, mine planning, operations, and geotechnics, having worked in the south of Spain between his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

In his free time, he coordinates and works on in different volunteering and social projects. He also enjoys traveling and spent a year studying in Melbourne, Australia, before starting his bachelor’s degree.

Ángel joined Geosyntec Iberia in 2023, where he works in both Iberian and pan-European projects. He is also a member of the European Mining Team.


Mining; Design; Geotechnical Studies; Tailings Management Facilities; Rock Mechanics

Practice Areas

Mining, Geotechnical, and Tailings Storage Facilities


MSc in Mining Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Registered Member of the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Minas del Centro de España (COIMCE)