Letter from the Managing Director

Susanne Bergquist, Senior Principal

Susanne Bergquist, Senior Principal

At Geosyntec, our vision of success builds on a long-held belief that exceptional client service coupled with exceptional project solutions will result in lasting business relationships with our clients and strategic partners. We support our client service and project solutions approach through an internal culture of technical excellence and collegial relationships that is shared throughout our global organisation, common commitment to our core values, and the innovation and practical thinking our staff bring to every assignment.

The team in Iberia (Spain & Portugal) has over 30 years of experience servicing our clients in the Iberian and European market in the finance and legal, manufacturing, mining and energy and renewables markets. Our Iberian staff can provide clients access to an advanced set of capabilities based on a distinguished record of emerging technologies applied globally. We use our expertise to create innovative, high-value solutions to challenges involving sustainability, the environment, our natural resources, and the built infrastructure.

With client service and technical excellence at the heart of our corporate culture, we have defined a work environment that enables our engineers and scientists to focus their energies and creativity. Whether senior practitioners, mid-career professionals, or those at the dawn of their career, our consultants apply their extraordinary skills to the most exciting ventures and complex problems of business, industry, and government.

Every day we ask ourselves how we can use our engineering and scientific knowledge to better serve our clients, to offer them better value, and to guide them into a prosperous tomorrow. I invite you to learn more about our practice specialties and capabilities by contacting our personnel and beginning our productive journey together.

Susanne Bergquist
Senior Principal